Estate and Trust Tax Preparation

The reason we enjoy preparing estate and trust returns because we know the tax elections that are available and when and how they must be made.

For example, the selection of the tax year will determine the difference between you, the beneficiaries getting large tax benefits and NO tax benefits.

We understand the pain you are experiencing because we have lost our parents. You want to get the estate closed and the funds distributed to you as quickly as possible!!

Our mission is to explain in simple language what you need to do and the traps you need to avoid. We not only draw out the steps but send you follow up emails with a detailed explanation!

We understand the effect of state laws on both federal and state trust and estate tax returns, i.e., community property, situs of beneficiaries and fiduciaries, assets subject to probate, etc.

We have a proven record of preparing accurate and timely tax returns so you can close out the estate and go on with your life!

We understand that the importance of coordinating the final personal returns with the estate/trust returns for you as the fiduciary and personal representative. Tax elections and forms

We understand that Proper fiduciary accounting to protect, you the trustee personal representative fiduciary and report to the beneficiaries

Unfortunately, a trust or estate needs only a very small amount of income to be taxed in the top ordinary income tax bracket!about Because of this, it is often better to have the income taxed to the beneficiaries, not the trust. However, circumstances may require the trust to pay some or all of the tax, or it may be better overall when non-tax reasons are factored in.

We understand the rules, combined with planning and follow-through, can optimally match income and deductions, including the use of distribution timing and related trust tax elections, to minimize tax liabilities.

We understand that capital gains and losses, while subject to the same preferential rates as on personal tax returns, are generally allocated to principal and the trust or estate, not the beneficiaries, pays the capital gains income tax.

We specialize in advising you, the trustee, personal representative or fiduciary regarding personal liability for federal and state tax liabilities of your deceased love one regarding the estate or trust.



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