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How could you and your dental practice take home more  cash… more money?  Why don’t you make more money?

I have been asked by dentists like you this specific question over the past 26 years.

The key reason that dentists do not make or take home more money is because they are not as effective as they should be.

I am not saying you don’t focus on what you need to but with competition becoming heavier, wouldn’t you like a competitive advantage?

It is not your fault. You simply need someone to help you.

I am enthused for you because you could have a competitive advantage by knowing the secrets that have repeatedly worked for motivated professionals

Taking home more money is a
combination of the following:

  1. Believing that you can obtain the competitive edge and increase your patient revenues.
  2. Having a professional coach who helps you improve at a flat rate.  Consultants are expensive. Many times consultants only cost you money without increasing your revenues.
  3. We offer a maximum fee for each calendar year for ALL of your financial needs:
    • Coaching
    • QuickBooks ™  financial statement technical check and controllership advice
    • Tax Returns-for one business and one personal tax return.
    • Tax Planning advice
    • Personal financial wealth  building
  4. Apply the secrets you will learn from me. If you apply these new habits, you will most likely:
    • Increase your revenues,
    •  Increase your cash flow,
    •  Increase the amount of taxes you owe. Yes, you read this correctly! When you increase your profits, you will owe taxes.  So that brings us to #5.
  5. We will work on decreasing your taxes.
    • “Jeff is amazing because although my income was up, he was able to reduce my taxes!  Jeff runs a before and after planning that showed me how much he was able to save.   Yes, I paid fewer taxes when I my practice was struggling because my income and my cash were very, very low. But with Jeff’s help I was able to increase my cash in my bank account because he was able to increase my revenues, reduce my expenses and reduce my income taxes” Steven S.
    •  You may be asking yourself, “how much is this going to cost me?”   Let mean explain the great news about how does the maximum fee work?
    •  We sign a one page confidentiality privacy agreement to protect you. We know how important privacy is!
    •  You bring a copy of your most recent tax returns so we can review the complexity of the tax returns.   What is the good news for you?  After over 26 years of experience, we will probably be able to point out ways that you could have reduced your taxes and reduced your chance of IRS audit.
    • You bring us your year to date financial statements prepared by QuickBooks ™
    • I will give you a maximum fee for the calendar year.  If your calendar year fee exceeds the maximum fee…we STOP invoicing you when you reach the maximum fee.  Your invoice will show the time we spent and we give you a credit at the bottom of the invoice. You will owe nothing!
    • “ What if your fee never reaches the maximum fee?  Do I still have to pay the annual fee?”  NO, You will Never pay more than the Maximum Fee!! Period!!   You will then have to decide what you will do with your cash savings!  Do you invest the money for your financial security?  Do you use the money for vacation?  You decide!

You may be thinking that you may be shuffled off to someone in the CPA firm who is not the owner.  Do you want to work Directly with the owner of the CPA Practice instead of being shuffled to a staff accountant who doesn’t understand your needs and thinking?

12 Secrets to Successfully Add New Patients and Increase Your Dental Practice Cash Flow while Lowering Taxes!

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