What would you do with more time?

Did you know that taking just 5 minutes can save you over 1 hour of your day? We have the secret system. Please call Jeff Brooks, CPA, CFP, MBA at 602-292-2009 to find out more.

Your return on investment could be as high as 12 to 1.

What is an example of a ROI of 12 to 1?  If you bought an investment for $1,000 and it was worth $12,000, you would have earned a ROI of 12 to 1.

“Jeff is the reason I have many more hours of time and my business and my profits have sky rocketed. I feel more in control and enjoy my work.  Before Jeff was involved, I was burned out. I highly recommend Jeff’s training”.  Brian

I offer one on one business productivity training for a fraction of the cost of professional consultants!

Did you know that your brain uses up a lot of energy (glucose) and so when you are able to find ways to reduce your brain’s energy, your brain is more productive and is happier!

What would you do with more time?

Would you invest more time in speaking with your clients and customers or spend time training your employees to take over your work that is of low value to you?

How about relaxing by looking at pictures of your last vacation? Or taking a walk?

Or would you take off two hours early and go to a movie, spend time with family, or play golf?

Jeffrey Brooks, CPA, CFP, MBA is also a licensed business coach.   What does this mean to you?

He can find you more time to spend as you see as the most valuable to you!

Please call me today directly at 602-292-2009. We stop taking on new clients when I believe that our benefits to clients (like you) will suffer by accepting new clients.




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Jeffrey Brooks, CPA, CFP, MBA since 1976 has specialized in helping clients save significant taxes, help businesses increase their cash flow, revenues and profits while increasing their control and satisfaction. Jeff and his accounting firm sincerely cares about the happiness of his clients.

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