5 Minute Quick Tools to Gain More Time (Part 2)

  1.  My goal is to help you feel more in control and make a positive difference in your life! I believe I have been financially successful (you can be too!) by replacing bad, non-productive habits, with productive habits.  Have you heard of the saying “yard by yard is hard..inch by inch is a cinch”?  When you find what works for you and use these new tools daily, they will become automatic habits.     You will want to review Part 1 to get more out of this article.
  2.  If I need the email for future use as  a reference, I will save to a drive (we use a F and G drives) under a name/description that I expect to search for in the future.
  3.   If I know I need more time to answer the email and I expect to be able to do this within the next 48 to 72 hours, I will flag the email for future action.  I had a bad habit of looking at new unread emails but not checking my flagged items.  I wrote down this bad habit in my paper notebook and what the + and – are of not reading and acting on follow up emails. I read these comments out loud several times and now have the good habit firmly in place!
  4. Do you ever have problems with people who fail to follow up on your requests?  As soon as I send these email requests to them, I the email a “mail” file called WIP located on the left hand side of my Outlook ™.  If I need a reply from them by a specific day, I copy and paste the email to the calendar day under “all day event”.  I follow up during my morning review of my calendar.  I am careful to not put the follow up on the calendar before I need it or before the person can reasonably be expected to reply!
  5. One valuable thing I have learned is to change the “Subject” to names and descriptions that I will use to find the email in the future. Outlook ™  has a very nice sorting system to locate documents). 
  6. For work that I expect that I will not be able to complete in the next few days, I post these emails to Outlook ™ tasks and projects. Tasks and projects are “categorized” by context so based on my energy level, the time I have available and the resources I have (when I am at the office, I can meet face to face with an employee but when I am at home in the evening, a meeting would not be scheduled, If I am at the office, I cannot work  on something at home when I am physically at the office),
  7. Mark Chavez, the Senior firm Accountant, is outstanding at resolving computer problems.  Mark set up an “user friendly” system for locating saved Outlook ™ files. 
  8. The number 1 realization of the past few years is that the human brain is not a good “In Box” to remember information. I have trained myself, that EVERYTHING gets written down on paper and if acted upon immediately, it is crossed off  my  sheet of paper.  I use College Rule basic notebook purchased  from Walmart for under $1.  A Brothers brand scanner is used for documents I need to retain. The document is labeled so it will be easy to find.  My goal has been to find a document within 30 seconds or less.   We have eliminated nearly all of the files and filing cabinets.
  9. The desktop monitors must be uncluttered.  People have a habit of saving documents and short cuts to the desktop. Then when they spend valuable energy that drains their brains and wastes their time, they end up searching for the documents, website, software etc. 
  10. You are a living and breathing animal with cells.  You must take the time to move around , take relax breathing breaks,  put eye drops in your eyes (computer use dries out the eyes!) drink water and eat foods that will increase your glucose levels to recharge your body. 
  11.  I will make additional useful  recommendations in  future blogs. (copyright 2012 by Jeffrey Brooks)




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