How to Avoid Losing All Your Data on Your iPAD or IPHONE

I recently almost lost all my data on my iPad and my iPhone and I would’ve had to go back to the original factory settings resulting in many hours of wasted time.

I would have lost all my text messages, all my Apps and all of my data in my Apps. I would have had to pay again to buy the Apps and then reinstall the Apps. and lost all my data that had been entered into the various programs

What went wrong?

I decided that I needed to update my iPhone to new iOS version and so I went ahead and went to settings and clicked on “update IOS version 7.4” and right in the middle installing the update, the update stalled and wouldn’t complete the updating process.

I couldn’t go back and use my phone. My phone was frozen. The iPhone had a picture of iTunes being linked by a cable to ITUNES so I figured that I needed to try to attach the iPhone to the iTunes on my computer.

When I did that I kept on getting these errors that would not allow me to do anything with the phone.

Fortunately I was a member of AppleCare and I called. The first representative said that I had to call Microsoft (bad answer) but I insisted on an experienced person and was finally connected to John who knew what he was doing.

Lessons learned:

1. Never try to update by WI-Fi. Always connect IPHONE or IPAD to the computer with ITUNES open.

2. Always keep IOS Versions updated on ITUNES. When you are asked to update the version on ITUNES, do not ignore it , do it!

3. Always backup to the cloud. Under settings make sure to have backup to the cloud on.

4. Write down in an accessible place what your Apple user name and password. Don’t put this information on your IPHONE or IPAD because if they a frozen, then you are out of luck.

5. Only perform updates when your IPHONE or IPAD is nearly fully charged.

As long as you make sure you are backing up to the cloud on a regular basis by checking the website and entering your user name and password, you will be o.k.

If you have not updated the IOS version on ITUNES then you will have to restart your computer and after the restart is done, go into ITUNES and update the version.

Then plug your IPHONE or IPAD into the computer with the cable. It will ask you whether you want to go back to the original phone settings and of course I said no because then I would lose all my texts and other my data including Apps and contact information.

I have my devices set so when I plug them into the wall they update to the cloud.

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