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Why are some business people happier, more successful and productive and have a knack for creating financial wealth while other business people fail?
I think it comes down to this: If you choose one thing, you have made a decision to not choose something else! This sounds too simple. What does this mean? Let me give you an example:
I talk in my blogs about “My Perfect Brain” ©2012, a system to make better decisions by using the gold sheet that helps you make decisions by how much time you have, by what is most important to you given your goals, what other people in your business can handle so you can get the most valuable choices done.
“My Perfect Brain” ©2012 helps you “A” decisions instead of “C” decisions.
Each one of us has three parts of our brain..The reptilian or “old” brain that helps us survive as a species. We are automatically able to breathe, sleep, and pump blood. Along with the 2nd part of our brain, the “emotional brain”, we are able to survive by an automatic response to threats by either “fighting, freezing or running away (flight). The problem is we make decisions automatically without thinking and are dissatisfied by the outcome. We fail to choose.
I want to buy a smart phone. My “emotional brain” is drawn to running out Right Now and buying this phone this morning, buying a few books on how to maximize the value of the smart phone and plugging it in and playing with it today. My current phone works well.
However, when I look at my other choices that I have previously prioritized by expected time and A1, A2 I am using what GOD gave me to differentiate between all of the other mammals in the world.. the Prefrontal Cortex. The Prefrontal Cortex is the newest and smallest part of my brain. It is the thinking brain. It is used to choose one choice over another. It is used to plan. Other mammals can’t do this. Or if they can, it is not even close to our capabilities.
When I ask myself how I will feel when I don’t choose working on these higher priority choices that are in line with my goals, my emotions change from wanting to work on these choices that will help me with being in line with my goals instead of the smart phone.

For example, on “My Perfect Brain” ©2012 gold sheet, I see that my top priority or choice is to help John get a bigger tax refund back. John hired another CPA back about 7 months ago. The other CPA failed to move forward and help resolve issues and get the tax returns prepared in a timely manner. On top of this, the other CPA argued with John about tax issues. In my “happiness journal” I note that I very proud that Mark and I quickly and accurately resolved John’s business and personal tax 2010 issues and then by preparing the 2011 tax returns.
On top of this, we were able to get a very large tax refund for John. John expected to owe tax!
By helping John, John will help meet my firm goals of making a positive difference in John’s life and helping my firm survive and grow.
This is the “juice” that makes public accounting fun and enjoyable!
My A2s are tax plans that I will review next. The result is that we will help the 3 clients reduce their taxes for this year and give them peace of mind that they are not going to owe a ton of money next year. Tax rates can be as high as 40%. If tax rates were 1%, choosing this choice would not be nearly as important as something else that helps a person reach their financial goals.

I have several AQs. What are AQs? They are choices that take literally take 5-10 minutes or less! Why not spend 1 hour and get them done? By doing this, you do not have to move the choice to the next day’s calendar. It just gets crossed off your “My Perfect Brain” ©2012 sheet!!
I know if you ask yourself questions ON PAPER, you will make better choices. I have written about how important writing choices down so you can use your sense of sight, feeling and voice (sound) to make great choices. YOU CAN DO IT!!

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