How your business can make you rich! HABIT 1: What you eat!

How your business can make you rich! HABIT 1: FOOD by Jeffrey Brooks, CPA, CFP, MBA for Jbrooks Wealth Advisors, PC, a Professional CPA and CFP Firm 602-292-2009 or 602-687-9900 x101

What does it mean to become rich? Becoming rich is not just about money but is how you feel physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am giving you a valuable gift free of charge! This gift if used properly will give you a Fair advantage over your competition. Some may say it will give you an unfair advantage because your competition does not know the secrets wrapped up in this gift!

You may ask how do I know the value of this gift and what is the price tag. The answer is that you must have a strong desire to replace those habits that are obstacles to being rich.
How have I learned these secrets? Through observation of rich and poor clients. Through reading and listening to great books and great speakers.
I had a habitual habit of eating too much sugar, carbohydrates and calories resulting in increases in waist sizes.
The morning was my time to eat bowels of cereal and bread loaded with carbohydrates and sugars. The advertisement on the box of cereal and loaf of bread said these foods were healthy.
I was always hungry because the habit of eating so much cereal and bread resulted in insulin production.
At 10 AM, I would eat a “healthy” processed protein bar full of sugar, carbohydrates and calories.
At lunch time, I would eat healthy except for consuming chips.
At 3 PM, I would have another “healthy” processed protein bar with coffee.
At dinner, I would have bread and wine. After dinner, I would eat more cereal (because it was advertised as healthy) and desserts.
I did exercise in the morning, but the amount of sugars, carbohydrates and calories I was consuming made me extremely sleepy at work. My alertness and focus were poor. I found myself overreacting to events that were out of my control.

I had built an unhealthy HABIT that would lead to diabetes, heart failure and cancer.
When I dieted, I found diets where I was constantly hungry and felt food deprived. I did not know which foods were the healthiest. I returned to my normal unhealthy eating habits.
I now follow a modified version of Eat To Live authored by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I still enjoy my coffee but 90% of my foods are green vegetables, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and fruit. Nuts and seed. Now that this way of eating is a HABIT, I find that I enjoy eating healthier food instead of “junk” food.

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