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At JBrooks Wealth Management your Phoenix CPA, we only have experienced tax specialists who have a passion and commitment to helping our clients reduce their taxes.

How we “walk the talk”?

We have a proven track record combined with our sincere caring for our clients’ well being and financial success.

We reduce our client’s taxes:

  • By only employing tax professionals with a minimum of 8 years of experience.   You do not get “stuck” with a CPA firm staff person who does not have the tax experience and are not committed to improving their tax expertise.
  • We pride ourselves in being very responsive and proactive to clients’ tax needs.  We expect our clients to be responsive too.  By working with clients who are not procrastinators, we are able to do a much better job! At most CPA firms, non-responsive and procrastinating clients drain the CPA personnels’ energy, resulting in short changing the good clients.
  • We focus on how to add value to each of our clients by our commitment to apply our mastery of new tax strategies and improving on our current tax strategies to our clients’ specific benefit!
  • We prepare your tax plans “before planning” and “after planning”.  In most cases, we are successful in reducing client taxes.  However, if after we have done everything we can do (like a caring financial “doctor”) and you owe taxes, we  will alert you immediately to what you will owe so you have time to accumulate the cash.  We have many actual examples where a client’s CPA firm calculated a large amount of tax owed and we were able to reduce the tax significantly.  Please see our testimonials page.
  • We feel good when our clients feel financially “protected” and cared about.  We are pleased that we take off our “clients’ shoulders” the fear and complexity that comes from the tax system!

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Jeffrey Brooks, CPA, CFP, MBA since 1976 has specialized in helping clients save significant taxes, help businesses increase their cash flow, revenues and profits while increasing their control and satisfaction. Jeff and his accounting firm sincerely cares about the happiness of his clients.

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