Nothing is good or bad, THINKING makes it so! How to have a successful day!

By Jeffrey Brooks, CPA

 How you look at an “event” sends either positive or negative emotions to your brain. Negative feelings result in lower self esteem and lower performance. Positive feelings result in higher self esteem and performance. If this is common sense than why do we get “stuck” in negative feelings? The reason is that our habits become so deeply ingrained that we don’t realize that we have a choice to look at an “event” in a different way.

The smallest part of our brain is the “new thinking brain” known as the Prefrontal Cortex. The oldest and biggest parts of the brain are “our survival and emotional brain” which involve “fight, flight and freeze”.
When we write our emotions and feelings down on paper, we switch to the Prefrontal Cortex. Using the Prefrontal Cortex helps us solve our problems in a constructive way. Once we are involved in solving our problems our emotions change to the feeling of control and satisfaction.
Q: When we make a mistake that results in a loss of revenue, how do most people look at this “event”?
A: I “should have”, “why didn’t I”, “How could I” or we label ourselves as being “stupid”, maybe we say we are a “failure”. Then we ruminate and replay the event over and over again making ourselves feel terrible.
A: Instead if we write on paper, verbalize it and see it from a constructive positive way, we see it with our eyes that “Nothing is Good or Bad, Thinking Makes it So” and “I am human and I have learned the lesson so I won’t make this mistake again”.
“This event will not force me to sell my house or move out of my rental, it won’t force my family or me to beg in the street for food. I still have a wonderful family and friends. I don’t have cancer or heart trouble. Just think because I caught this mistake now instead of a year from now, I can use what I have learned to be happier in the future”.
Q: Does this changing our thoughts to positive thoughts result in better performance and happiness?
A. Yes, it works.

Q: What is another phrase that works?

A: I am better than my competition and my bad self by looking at things from a positive perspective and trying to improve. I give my outstanding effort to help people?
Q: Why are we so critical of ourselves?
A: We are the first to find fault with ourselves. Why do we do this? My theory is that our parents and teachers were trying to improve us and did not realize that negative comments trained us to think this way. My sister has a theory that human beings think negative thoughts because that is a way to survive as a species.
Q: What action works to improve happiness and performance?
A: It is simple and it works! By writing down praise about YOU on paper and taking a moment to think about the positive thought we wrote down. Take a moment and read and say the positive thought and take a 30 second relaxation break. You will see outstanding performance and happiness after you do that.
What are a few examples of praise from today’s work day?
A: “I make the best of every situation”. “Wow I was able to help “John Doe” solve this problem”. “Good job Jeff. You avoided a major problem for the client by ….”
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I wish you a wonderful day!

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