Be Happier and have a BETTER day!

By Jeff Brooks, CPA, CFP, MBA for JBrooks Wealth Advisors, PC

Are you not performing as well as you can? Are you criticizing yourself for something you think you should have handled differently? Are you worried about something in the future? Remember your “Power is ONLY in the Present” and “Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so!” No two people look at the same situation the same.

Here is what works for me:

1. Get that exercise DONE early in the morning. Don’t tell yourself that you will “try” to exercise later. Promise yourself that you will give it just 6 minutes and you can stop if you wish. Most of the time you will continue exercising because you remember how your body and self-esteem improved after exercising! From my experience, “later” never comes. Remind yourself how exercise historically has helped your day turn out better! We are a mammal that needs to move to stimulate our nervous system, brain and other muscles. Read a summary of the book “Spark” to reinforce how important exercise is to your mind and body.
2. Create a positive story about yourself. Arrive at a new way of telling the story that will make me feel better. Replace your story of regret with a story of that makes you feel better about yourself. When you made a mistake…did you follow the “golden rule” and do what was the “right” thing to do? If you did, you increased your self-esteem and well being. If not, you can change that in the present by reaching out to the person who is affected by your behavior. A recent example is that one of our new clients did not get the service they deserved. The client thought she had said we should electronically take the funds out of her account for the taxes. I thought that she wanted to write the checks for the taxes. Although I thought I was right, the client “comes first”. I returned the client’s call promptly; I offered to pay any penalty whatever that amount might be. Shari and I gave the client a credit for their tax preparation. I wrote down the lesson learned is to make sure that I confirm with the client when they want to pay out of their bank account for the balances due. In addition, the previous CPA had failed to give this client proactive tax advice. On my own “dime”, I researched a tax area that will save the client money in the future. I am telling you this not to pat myself on the back but to show you that following the “golden rule” helps you feel better about yourself.
3. Develop a list of interventions to offset the past
(SHOULD OFs) and the future (WHAT IFs). For example, I use stop therapy by looking at my grandfather’s
ring as an Anchor. When I look at his ring, I am
ready to change my story to a positive story.

4. Give yourself a real self-esteem boost by using a journal to write down what you did well and lessons learned. Realize that many of your negative thoughts are from deeply ingrained experiences and habits and that these habits can be changed by repeating the habits. Write mantras that work for you. These mantas come from how you interpret events. Examples of mantras: “I made the right decision to do..!” “Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so.” “This will soon be in the past. In the meantime I enjoy taking small action tasks I have control and getting them done.” “The most successful baseball play is out 7 out of 10 times”. “All human beings are imperfect. The key is to grow from these imperfections by writing down the lessons learned.”

5. Take a mental relaxation break. Breathe regularly and repeat your mantras. For example write down rebuttals to your negative thoughts as you breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly. Slowing your breathing down helps you put your life in perspective.

6. Be realistic about the “event”. Ask, what am I forgetting?. i.e. dying of a heart attack if I had made a different decision. Maybe you could have worked harder to avoid a problem but you may have had too much stress and you may not have gotten enough exercise and sleep. The results would have led to serious health problems and difficulties with your personal relationships.

7. When you are going through a period of uncertainty, realize that this is just part of living and adjust your lifestyle. When it gets hot we change into shorts and a T Shirt. When there are hail storms, we change our clothes, use an umbrella and get indoors.

8. Write down and refer to your blessings and what you are proud of. I was told when I was 21 years old that I would never make it in Public Accounting as a CPA. I have built a successful firm for over 27 years while most of my classmates are not in Public Accounting.

9. Be realistic when you set expectations. We really have little control over days and we must be nimble and agile to adjust what we are doing while staying as close to our plan as we can.

10. Simplify!! Don’t start a new project until you either finish or discard current project. Technology is good but most emails are worthless and takes time to maintain. I think texting is so easy that we end up spending time that could be used in a better way! Reduce the things you have to deal with.

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