Happiness Exists in the NOW!

Happiness Exists In the Now

By Jeff Brooks at jeff@jbrookswa.com

Happiness can only be found in the present moment.  We are most happy and feel most in control when we are grounded in the present. Yet, most of the time we are stuck in a past or future mindset that causes us unnecessary mental pain.  When we are focused on the past, we tend to become regretful, negative, and even self-abusive with our thoughts.  On the other hand, when we perseverate excessively on the future, we grow worried and anxious.  Dwelling in the past or the future is self-defeating and detrimental to our overall mental well-being.   Although it is impossible to always remain completely focused on the present, the more we can draw our attention back to the Now, the better we will feel.

So why do we allow ourselves to so often be drawn away from the present?  I believe it is simply our habit to do so.  All actions are preceded by thoughts.  We have deeply ingrained thought patterns creating our habitual actions.  Many of these actions do not serve us and block rather than lead to our overall happiness.

The idea that our habits are ingrained is not true simply on a figurative level; it is also true on a physical level.  The brain actually physically changes the more a habit is repeated; the grooves of brain pathways are made deeper and deeper with repetition until our habits become virtually automatic.  The good news is, scientific research shows that the brain incredibly changeable and adaptable.  We can actually restructure our brain in order to change our habits.


We believe that we are who we are and that cannot change.  But that is a falsehood.  We are always changing and our brain is always  evolving.  Our habits are not us. 


Try this: instead of thinking about something in the past or future, take your mind to the stance of an observer.  From this perspective, that of a spectator or movie watcher, you will remove yourself from the worries and pain of the world in order to truly be present.  Try to observe without judgment.  Most judgments come from the critical self, grounded in past worries and future anxieties.  Don’t fight these judgments; if they come, just let them go.  You will find yourself feeling more peaceful and more present which is the key to true happiness.

How can you become an observer?  For example, I ask myself what would I need to do to improve the process and experience of any behavior.  For example, I imagine how a client would want to feel. For instance I have a client who is close to 70 years old.  He grew up before computers became the norm.  As an observer, I notice he gets frustrated when I send him email with documents attached. So, I brainstormed with Mark Chavez, my long time accountant and he suggested that we not send tax return documents to the client through email.  At first, I did not like the idea.  Then I observed my experiences with the client and put myself in his shoes.  Once I did that I changed my actions and called him and asked what he prefer that we print off all of the tax returns and documents that needed to be signed or would he prefer that we follow our normal procedure and email him the documents and the efile authorizations. The client was so excited and pleased that he did not have to get frustrated and could come in and meet with me in person.  I wrote this down in “My Perfect Brain” form. This all came from looking outside of our normal procedures and observing clients feelings and behavior.  Instead of being myopic, I suggest you being in the third person.


Jeffrey Brooks CPA, CFP, MBA

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