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1. Business owners think they do not have the time to learn how to reduce their taxes. False, it doesn’t take very much time!

2. All of us are motivated to act based on urgency and what we think is easy. Just like brushing our teeth, this becomes a habit. Just because something becomes a habit does not mean that it is going to make our lives better. True, but you need an empathic and patient person to explain slowly in simple English how to do grow your wealth by paying less in taxes!

3. With massive amount of information input from email texting and Internet, we get buried in minutia. Everything seems important. We do not think about the importance of prioritizing. True. But if you are willing to make saving taxes a priority, we can help you!

4. We do not have a patient teacher who cares about our financial welfare. Most CPA professionals are well meaning but have not learned to listen and help their business owner clients.

5. Or maybe the reason more business owners do not learn how to reduce their taxes is because they believe it is too complicated and overwhelming and will take too much time to understand. False. Although like anything new it might seem challenging at first, we will work with you to help you grasp the legal tax strategies to save you thousands of dollars in income taxes.

6. Or maybe they have a lack of confidence in themselves that they can learn how to really reduce their taxes. True but we can help you master how to reduce your taxes and save thousands of dollars!

7. Of course, all of us see these huge tax books full of 500 pages of single spaced type that makes the tax system seem unbelievably complicated. Our brains automatically “freeze”. True, but the fact is you do not need to

master 99% of the information in these books because your local CPA tax firm has invested thousands of hours in learning the other 99% of the tax details.

Although the first year will be a learning curve, we have helped thousands of business owners consistently over that past 30 years learn what they need to know to work together with us to dramatically reduce income taxes. Over

90% of our new clients have been able to master the small amount of new habits and knowledge they need to save thousands of dollars of income taxes.

Today more than ever we no longer can ignore having a basic understanding of how to work as a partnership with a local CPA tax professional.

Tax rates including payroll taxes and Obama taxes now can exceed over 50% of your business bottom line profit!! Simple and easy steps explained in English will work to save you and your business thousands of dollars in taxes. What will you do with the tax savings from your local tax CPA specialist? You decide!

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