Last Minute SECRETS to get you tax savings for 2011.

“Jeff was able to reduce our taxes by over $18,000 by using secrets that we did not know about.”
— John W.

John, thank you for the nice compliment! The reason I am working is solely for the joy of feeling appreciated. Shari and I invested in the stock market every dollar we could save back in the early 1990s and are now financially independent. Now we help our wonderful clients become financially independent!

How did we help John and maybe be able to help you too?

John and his wife owed nearly $9,000 before we worked on reducing his taxes. With our SECRET tax strategies they got big refunds!
What did I do? I went to our written strategies of how we have helped other people like John for over 30 years.

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • We found that an auto lease should have been an auto purchase. The lease payments were about $800 per month. The SUV purchase price was over $50,000. We asked for a copy of the lease. What does this look like? It usually is on a very long sheet and shows the amount of the purchase price, the documentation charges, auto tags, trade ins, etc.
  • What did we do? We were able to get a tax deduction of nearly $37,000 instead of just $9,600 for the year! John was in the 38% tax bracket and the savings resulted in a reduction of over $10,000!! John was amazed and very, very pleased.
  • John’s previous CPA had failed to include invoices dated in the previous year, 2010 (tax returns we were preparing) but paid in the current year. We were able to legally move the deductions in the tax year we were preparing resulting in additional tax deductions and tax savings.
  • Accrued payroll was not properly recorded. Many times payroll period are primary for the tax return preparation year (i.e.2011) but are paid in the next year (2012). John’s previous accountant delegated John’s work to a person who did not have a lot of experience. We were able to find additional tax saving dollars for John!!

“We took our tax savings and invested the dollars for our retirement contributions that resulted in additional dollars of tax savings”.
— John W.

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