Outlook ™ valuable tool to help you become more productive and reduce your time working!

Two great tools to increase your productivity and reduce your work time!

The first one is the Auto Correct Feature that allows you to type a short cut. For example, once I set up the “ac” on auto correct, I would simple need to type “ac” and these 7 steps would come up automatically!!!!
1. Copy the language you will use repeatedly in emails. Warning (Before finishing the reoccurring language you use on many emails, make sure to copy and paste to an Excel form called “Auto Correct”).
2. Once you are in an email, you go up to the upper left hand corner and click on the 4 colored circle.
3. Go to the lower right hand corner and click on “Auto Correct”.
4. Under “editor options”, go the upper right hand corner and click on “proofing”
5. Go to the center of the page and click on “Auto Correct”
6. Make sure that “Auto Correct” is showing up.
7. Paste the language you want from Step 1.

The second tool is instead of using the mouse, you use the keyboard (the key on the right of the keyboard, to the left of the Ctrl, to the right of the Microsoft ™ flag and below the Shift key) to open a file, move an email from send to waiting for follow ups and many other useful functions!

Test after test shows that you will save time by avoiding the mouse and using the keyboard functions, you save seconds each time (as much as 30 seconds per function). Over 8 hours of working on emails, you will save significant time.

Jeffrey Brooks CPA

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