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I have started using “The Perfect Brain” golden rod sheets.  There are a couple things that would help me (there are no doubt numerous things actually).  First  is perhaps a date/week on the top. John, on purpose I do not have a place for date/week because sometimes the Golden Rod is for 2 days and sometime for 6 days.  I write in the dates on the sheets.  Before filing in my drawer at home the filled up sheets, I go through lessons learned, ideas for improvement, and congratulations for what I did well.  In fact, daily I compliment myself in the additional spaces on the left hand side of the back sheet. I am really surprised but the 10 seconds of writing down a compliment, REALLY makes me feel good when I have a few extra minutes while waiting in a line or at home in the evening.  The human brain focuses on survival and so is constantly in a criticizing/negative mode. I tend to save my notes for reference and it helps to reference the dates.   I think also in the At Work section a few more options like VM=voicemail, TX=text and maybe FU=follow-up.  I know you cover follow up in another section but sometimes this does come up. I wouldn’t put down voice mail because I automatically look at my phone to see if someone calls. “Texting” is an excellent example of what you should put on the front sheet/back under AT Additional Space.  I usually do not have room on the back for these actions due to the compliments but you would customize the sheets to what works best for you!  I use the front sheets AT WORK-Context this way:  upper left hand corner and down the sheet for LA=Lacerte Tax Software work, upper right hand corner and up for TL=Telcons, lower left hand corner and up for EM=Emails, lower right hand corner and lower right hand corner and up for DW=desk work.

John, you are right that TX=Texting would be a very useful category and should be added to the list of Context items.  I use the Additional Space above AT Work for Blogging work I need to do.



There are a couple typos in the instruction manual.  Paragraph 8 last line I think should read “done now or not.”  Thank you! Then paragraph 9, 2nd line, think it should ready “your” not you? Thank you!


That’s it for now!  Hope you are well!  You too! I need to leave this creative hobby to take care of tax returns.



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