A Perfect Time Management and Control System

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Part 1: Instruction manual. Example of how to use the form and a copy of the form can be found under “More Time..”   at jeff@jbrookscpa.com

Why did I call my proven system “The Perfect Brain”?

  1.      Your brain would be perfect if it could remember where you left an item that you now need.  If your brain was perfect, it would not spend 15 minutes of wasted time trying to find the item (i.e. keys).
  2.      Your brain would be perfect if it prioritized your tasks based on their importance to you. 
  3.      Your brain would be perfect if it looked at the outcome of your actions instead of just acting impulsively.
  4.      Your brain would be perfect if it focused on the present where you have 100% of your control and not on the past and future where you have 0% control.
  5.      Your brain would be perfect if it fed yourself praise instead of insults.
  6.      Your brain would be perfect if it replaced unhealthy and unproductive  habits  with healthy and valuable habits.   We know that “working out” on a cardio machines and weight lifting are healthy and sitting all day eating high calorie foods and soft drinks are unhealthy but most American do not exercise enough and eat too much food although they know that these are bad habits.
  7.      I could give you more examples but you get the idea that we need to help our brain to become “The Perfect Brain”.
  8.      If you could be happier, more successful, get that competitive edge, wouldn’t you do it?
  9.      Why wouldn’t you do it?   Your brain will never “do” those tasks that repulse it.  It will only do those tasks that attract it.  Did you know that different parts of your brain light up when you like (attracted to) something and dislike (repulsed) by something else.   I love flossing now because my grandfather and mother had major problem with gums and because  when I am flossing, I listen to audio books and relaxing music. Our brains love routine because of the sense of control.
  10. Learn to relax your brain.  The brain uses glucose to produce energy. The brain is a very small part of the human body weight  but uses up a large amount of the total energy of the human body!  Try the 1 minute relaxation exercises.  You can call me about this (after tax season please?).
  11. In future blogs, I will talk about the importance of having a system to capture information, to process by context and to find a user friendly retrieval system.



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