Phoenix CPA Firm – How to Select the Best

You will know when you find a very good CPA that is a good fit for you when:

1. The CPA always looks for better ways to reduce your taxes, reduce your chances of IRS audit and has a proven history of improving business cash flow. Ask the CPA to give you examples of how he was able to achieve these benefits. Better yet, have the CPA review and comment on the tax returns and financial statements prepared by the previous CPA firm.

2. The CPA works with many businesses of the same size and industry as your business. Ask the CPA questions that demonstrate that he understands your business.  Do not take the CPAs word for it that he is a specialist in your business industry (i.e. restaurants, law firms, dental offices, medical officers, service firms).

3. A good CPA’s focus is on getting a positive return on a client’s investment. A good CPA should save clients’ money over and above the CPA’s fees.
4. The CPA asks questions and listens more than talking and understands your needs. When the CPA just talks about himself, you can expect that his interest will be self-centered instead of client centered.

5. A good CPA demonstrates a willingness to understand what is important to a prospective client like you. For example, a good CPA will find out when and when a client does not want to be contacted and for what reasons.

6. A good CPA makes sure a client is not unpleasantly surprised by fees charged. For example, the client might think that a certain project will cost only $200 while the CPA is thinking $1,200.   A good CPA communicates and documents fees clearly in advance.

7. A good CPA will give you his cell phone and will be available evenings and weekends to answer your questions.

8. A good CPA can give you a list of tax and financial statements classes he and his staff have taken. When the CPA gives you this list, you should ask why he decided to invest time in these classes.

9. A good CPA is emotionally mature, is ethical and possesses sound judgment. Everyone makes a mistake because all humans make mistakes. The difference between a good and a bad CPA is that a good CPA discloses when a mistake was made and takes the time to avoid making the same mistake again by analyzing how the mistake occurred.

10. A good CPA realizes that he must work over 40 hours per week because of the ethical responsibility to improve his education. Although only 80 hours every two years is required to renew his license, a good CPA invests without compensation in 160 hours of self-improvement in his specialization every two years.

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