Reduce the number of emails that you read and send!

Ian Wooler has an exceptional 5 step process for reducing the number of emails that you receive.

  1. Get yourself off circulation/distribution lists that provide information that is not relevant to your role or key tasks (Jeff Brooks: what I do is use the key located below the right shift key, to the right of the Microsoft flag and to the left of the Control key. I then simply press on this key and input “j” “b” and the email is sent to junk.)
  2. Remove yourself from RSS feeds that provide information via email that you know longer read, need or value. (Jeff Brooks: see number 1)
  3. Agree some email working agreements with your team members/close network e.g. agree not to respond to an email by merely saying “thanks for your feedback” (Jeff Brooks: our rule is to be a “group centered” instead of “I” centured.  Each email takes away time and focus.  We only email when we are A. Asking the recipient to take ACTION NOW or B. If the recipient might be contacted by the client and needs to be aware of what has happpened. WILL NEED TO TAKE ACTION IN THE FUTURE.  Anything that needs to be discussed in person is not put in an email. We are human animals who need personal contact. If I am going to comment on someones behavior an email is not appropriate.)
  4. When sending an email to more than one person ensure that any actions required are clearly assigned to the individuals concerned and are clear and concise.  This simple practice will reduce the numbers of emails returned seeking clarification
  5. Walk the talk (or use the phone).  If your communication really matters, go talk to them.  This action and is based on the belief that if you change your approach to email, others will soon follow and adopt your behaviour.
  6. Jeff Brooks:Have a system to quickly find emails sent to you.  Do something with emails that you have.  Read, review your email and respond immediately, delete the email, block future emails from the sender, post the email to calendar by using a noun (name of person, subject and any other key information you might need).    In a future post I will discuss how to best organize  emails for fast retrieval and follow up action.

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