The Success Pyramid will make you rich! HABIT 3 of the Success Pyramid: Understanding how our fitness can make us Rich!

The Success Pyramid will make you rich! HABIT 3 of the Success Pyramid: Understanding how being fit can make us Rich! By Jeffrey Brooks, CPA, CFP, MBA for Jbrooks Wealth Advisors, PC, a Professional CPA and CFP Firm 602-292-2009 or 602-687-9900 x101
In Habits 1 and 2, I argue for the importance of changing our habits to eat smarter and to begin to understand that we are a product of our ancestors whose number one priority was survival and number two priority was competitive advantage.

Habit 3 explains the importance of being physically and mentally fit as critical if we are going to be financially successful.

Financially successful to me means having excess funds after using money for my family, my community and me.

I do not know of many business owners who are physically in poor health and were able to build their riches and enjoy their riches.

Every successful business owner I know is able to maximize their contributions to their retirement plan and build wealth in their business.

Physical fitness has so many benefits. Heart, brain, circulatory, muscle and nerve health are improved by proper physical fitness.

Mental health is improved by physical fitness and physical fitness is improved by mental fitness.

Habits are the key! Once you repeat the same habit repeatedly it become more comfortable to perform the habit than to forgo practicing the habit.

Perfect examples are dental health. Once we get in the habit of brushing and flossing our teeth daily, we feel unhappy when we do not brush and floss.

When we work out on the basketball court or jog a few miles, we feel bad when we don’t have these opportunities.

In my situation, too many years of sitting at a desk without proper stretching has results in back disc problems. Over the years, I have tried many ways to correct the back problem. Two years ago, I “lucked out”. I discovered a wonderful book called “Foundation Core”.

I repeat these habits and now my back health is rarely a problem:

1. “Foundation Core” back exercises and with relaxation breathing.
2. Weight resistance training,
3. Eliptical work outs using “Foundation Core” posture
4. Weight losses through healthy eating
5. Using written exercises to combat a “threatening event” by looking at the positive side of the “coin”.
6. Repeating my Values. For example, “Being a kind person.”
Some people follow their own good habits but still need anxiety or depression medication. There is nothing wrong with taking these medications under doctor’s orders.

There are many, many sources of good health advice. I hope my few ideas have been helpful.

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