Successful business owner guide to the secret of reading faster

The successful business owner guide to the secret of reading faster. How to make more money while helping more people by knowing the secret of reading better!

My grandmother reiterated the importance of learning. My grandfather kept saying “you have a choice to make something of Yourself or not young man”

My older sister Sherry read to me Dr. Seuss and other children’s books. I am very grateful for their positive influences. Starting in college I completed at least 3 speed reading courses including Evelyn woods, photoreading and quick reading courses.

The biggest reason for the success of my firm and my success is because I am a voracious reader. Here are easy habits that will get you what you want and what you need.
1. Tests have proven that the brain performs at its peak when it is healthiest. Be well rested, completed physical exercise and meditation for the day and practice smart nutrition by eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water.
2. The orange method. When you are driving on the highway how much do you see? Drivers that use tunnel vision are more likely to get in a car accident. However if you pretentious that you have an orange on you head and you think about the orange your vision will magically expand and you will see the entire highway and pedestrians on the street! Your chances of a car accident diminishes.

Similarly, when you use the orange method, your view of the entire page opens up and you can read up to 3 times faster?

3. However, by starting with the orange method, you are putting the “horse before the cart”! Why? Because we have forgotten to use the goal seeking power of the prefrontal cortex to problem solve through the questioning

When we were children everything was new and we were constantly asking questions. However adults and our school mates used social pressure to reduce the number of questions. I know that when I asked too many questions the other kids said I was trying to “kiss up” to the teacher. The teacher wanted other students to participate so stopped answering my questions.

Now we can ask as many questions as we want by asking the author of a written piece to help us reach our business objective.

Here is an example: A new client comes to me to prepare a business partnership return. My goal is to make sure that my firm does not mistakes on the current years tax returns and point out if a mistake was made on the previous year returns.

I read the previous years’ returns looking for a list of the most common mistakes tax preparers make. I know that a common mistake is that the allocation of profit and loss between partners.

So as I review the prior years tax returns for errors , I know I have to read the signed operating agreement.

But the operating agreement is 100 pages which I do not want to read the entire agreement because only a small number of pages will get me my answers.

How will a profit or a loss be allocated?
Will the allocation be bases on capital contributed?
What if a partner loans funds to the partnership? Does that increase his or how allocation of profit or loss?
How is a partner who increases his or her ownership change allocation of profit or loss?
When a partners capital balance goes to zero, does that change his or her allocation?
Is there a change in ownership percentage when a partners gets his or her money bank.

I skip the table of contents section regarding the use of binding arbitration to settle disagreements.

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