What our clients think.

“Thank you for getting me back over $76,000”. “You are much more responsive and problem solver than my previous CPA.” “I posted a 5 star review on Google too”!!
Arthur W.

“Jeff Brooks and his firm, JBrooks Wealth Advisors, PC constantly look after our best interests. When we had an incompetent bookkeeper sue us in Small Claims court,  Jeff wrote a letter to the court supporting our claim that the bookkeeper was not doing a good job and we didn’t owe the money”  “The bookkeeper set up libelous websites that have tried to blackmail Jeff’s firm and our firm into paying the bookkeeper what the court decided we didn’t owe.  Jeff, thank you for standing up for us!”

“Jeffrey Brooks is very honest and ethical.  He convinced us that we didn’t need one of his services and that we could save money.  Jeff belongs to a rare breed of honest and ethical individuals who will put other people’s interests before his own!”

“Jeff Brooks, CPA found a way for us to save money by reducing the amount of work he had to do for us.  He has reduced the number of tax returns that he has to do for us by thinking about our best interests!”

“Jeff is the most ethical and honest person I know.  He believes in the “golden rule”.  I trust him to do what is right!”

“Jeffrey and his firm care about me more than they care about making money for themselves. They have made recommendations that are good for me even when it reduces their revenues! They prove over and over that they care about me. I would never change to another CPA firm!”

“Jeffrey Brooks, CPA, Mark and firm are very proactive. They call and email me on a regular basis to check to make sure that I am being well taken care of and am obtaining the best tax and cash flow benefits.  And better yet, when they contact me, they never charge me!”

“They invest in tax and cash flow courses on a regular basis to help me and their other clients.  They have found very creative ways to increase my cash flow!”

“You have the personal touch and caring that is reassuring in this fast paced impersonal world. Your dedication has given us a better lifestyle than we would have had from another CPA firm.”

“What I like about Jeff Brooks and staff is I feel like an important person who is cared about and not just a number.  He cares about my family and me and proves it over and over.”

“Jeffrey Brooks, CPA and his firm are very responsive.  They return phone calls and emails right away! They call me to push me to get my information in. It is wonderful that I can count on them to take the financial burdens off of me so I can focus on my practice!”

“I never have had such outstanding and responsive service from the other CPA firms I have worked with.  They return calls promptly and I have confidence that they will give me timely service!  I wish I had changed to Jeff sooner!”

“You are always there when I need you!   I don’t know how you do it but I have 100% confidence in you!”

“Jeff Brooks, CPA and his firm are dedicated to finding ways to increase my wealth and cash flow.  One idea they came up with saved me over $20,000 in income taxes!  Although I no longer live in Phoenix, I still work with Jeff.”

“They are able to resolve problems quickly because they understand our profession.  And they are creative in finding ways to save taxes and make excellent business decisions”

“I have worked with Jeff since 1985 as my CPA.  I have changed employees, attorneys, bankers and other professionals but have stayed with Jeff. That should speak volumes!”

“With Jeff Brooks and Mark I sleep much better at night because I know they are the best at what they do! They have consistently helped me increase my wealth!”

“I don’t know you and Mark do it, but you keep on giving me pleasant surprises you save me a thousands of dollars in taxes!”

“We have saved thousands of dollars due to your expertise in taxes.  My previous accountant didn’t get the results that you get us. We are your biggest fans and tell others that they would be smart to work with you!”

“Due to their help, cash flow is better. They are timely, creative, and they always put us first. I always recommend them.”

“They are proactive and creative problem solvers. They are not your average “bean counter CPA firm”.  The clients we have referred to them have all been very satisfied!”

“Jeff understands my practice and he doesn’t have to learn about it from trial and error.  This gives him the time to proactively find ways to increase our profits and reduce our taxes!”

“My wife and I changed to Jeffrey Brooks, CPA in the middle of an IRS audit when the prior CPA firm had us paying $66,000 to the IRS.  Arizona would have asked for another $11,000.  Jeff and staff was able to get us a refund of $3,634!!! I don’t know how they did but I am a “happy camper””!!!!

“Jeff is always looking for ways to reduce my taxes so at first I was concerned when IRS audited my returns.  The IRS finished their audit in 30 minutes and I didn’t owe a dime! They are the best!”

“Jeff’s firm’s tax review “proofing” our tax returns for audit flags has not only saved us thousands of dollars but avoided an IRS audit. Thank you for the “peace of mind.”

“I chose Jeff’s firm, JBrooks Wealth Advisors, PC because I was recommended by a friend who had a very successful IRS audit with Jeff’s help.  My friend wasn’t good at support but was able to get a refund because Jeff found tax deductions that my friend’s former CPA firm had failed to take!”

“I wish we had changed to Jeff’s firm sooner instead of waiting. We are so much better off with Jeff’s firm.”

“Their communication throughout the year is outstanding and clear! They listen very well and ask good questions.  They always put my interests first unlike my former CPA firm who only looked at me as “revenue”!”

“I was pleasantly surprised when I found it so easy to change from my prior CPA to Jeff’s firm. Their communication is always excellent!  They are easy to work with as well as enjoyable to talk with.”

“After several unsatisfactory experiences with other CPAs, I decided to change to Jeff’s firm.  The change was a “snap”. Jeff has demonstrated a personal and caring attitude towards us and a sincere desire to increase our wealth.  I can’t thank Jeff and his firm enough!”

“When my revenues decreased but my prior CPA firm’s fees increased (without increased value), I decided it was time to look at a better CPA firm. My concern was that I didn’t know if I was jumping from “the frying pan into the fire”.  The transition was so easy. The fees are less and I am now seeing a “return on my investment”.”

“I was very hesitant to change CPA firms because I believe it would be a “pain” to change CPA firms.  Jeff Brooks pointed out all the unnecessary taxes and CPA firm fees I had paid working with the other CPA firm.  Thank you Jeff and Mark!”

“I saved a lot of fees after I changed to Jeff Brooks firm, JBrooks Wealth Advisors, PC. To my pleasant surprise, he helped me make more money and I still paid less tax than the former CPA firm had me paying! Thank you!!”

“What we get from Jeff’s firm is “peace of mind”.  Our previous firm made promises they didn’t keep.  And they made errors that could have got us in a major trouble.  Jeff’s firm exceeded our expectations and they always keep their promises!”

“We will be back in Phoenix for a week to run a few errands and check up on things. I just want to say thanks for everything I was telling my wife Kim how fortuitous it has been for us to find you and your firm. If you have some extra costs that were not covered please let me know and we will be happy to cover the costs….it has been money well spent!”
Chris H.

“It was a challenge finding someone that I can trust to take care of all my financial matters and give sound advise.  Before Jeff Brooks it was hit or miss, sleepless nights and hoping things got done properly. I have been working with Jeff and his excellent team since December 2009.  He was recommended by a friend, also in the dental field.   I can not sing high enough praises for Jeff!  He is absolutely awesome in all matters related to both my dental practices and personal interests.  He is extremely timely, meticulous, conscientious, a good communicator and caring making him uniquely qualified to be an excellent CPA and financial planner.  I truly appreciate his honesty and integrity and would highly, without reservation recommend him!  5 STARS!  Thank you for all you do for Bo and I Jeff.  We are so grateful.”

You guys have been awesome helping me get through the 1st year of the registration problems, quickbook problems, useful tax advices, 401k and payroll problems, I really appreciate all of those. I have learned a lot for the past year, and it is impossible for me to figure out all these without your advices and help. Thanks again for doing these wonderful work for Annual return preparation, the instructions are clear, I didn’t have any problem to follow and complete them on my end. Looking forward to new future. Thank you!




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