Is it Time to Change CPA Tax Preparers

Is your CPA tax preparer making you do too much work?Please consult with your professional tax CPA regarding your specific circumstances!

The Phoenix CPA tax preparers job is to make your job easier not more difficult! Many tax accountants are being sold on using a “portal” where you, the client have to memorize a user name and password and then you have to print off your own tax organizer! Then you have to fill in the tax organizer in detail. However, for all of your work, you, the client do not get a savings in CPA tax preparer fees!

Does this seem right??!CPA Tax Preparer

A good CPA tax preparer sends out the printed tax organizer to you and then saves you time by asking you to just attach the papers including IRS tax forms to the tax organizer pages.

Then when you come in, the CPA looks for ways to reduce your taxes as well as reduce your chances of IRS audit!

A Certified Public Accountant’s tax fees may not be that expensive when the CPA tax preparer can save you more than the tax return fee and avoid you, the client being audited.

People who need strategic tax planning Phoenix such as small business owners or individuals with complex returns, those who pay high income taxes, or have unusual circumstances appreciate the services of a CPA over an enrolled agent or general tax preparer.

You would think that filing your taxes would be very black and white, but where CPAs really provide value is in Grey areas. They give advice on which tax strategies to take or not to take based on their interpretation of IRS rulings and past experience.

When a CPA simply files your tax return and doesn’t provide strategic tax planning or advice, you may not be getting your money’s worth.

One of our clients said to me:CPA Tax Preparation

“My former CPA of 7 years decided to concentrate his practice on small business clients and that meant I was being referred out.“

“The new accountant left me with some nagging doubts due to his lack of advice around reducing our tax bill and also because he seemed keenly interested in referring us to a network of financial professionals . I felt I was just a number!

“ On the very first phone call, he set us on a “selling our investment property” track that I didn’t necessarily think was in our best interest so we didn’t pursue it further. It made me wonder if he was getting more out of referring us to his network than his actual professional relationship with us.”

“What I wanted was extensive guidance to reduce our taxes including paying special attention to areas sensitive to IRS audits. For example, a home office deduction is an audit red flag but I had a legitimate reason to take it even with the audit risk. I found out that the home office deduction had been an audit trigger for the past few years. I lost out on taking the deduction!”

“ I wanted a CPA that was doing strategic planning. I did not like being surprised when I owed the IRS when my return was completed since my old CPA should have talked to me throughout the year and not just at tax time. I think a CPA should be doing ongoing strategic planning, not simply filling out and filing my tax return. A computer can do that; what I was paying for was the advice relationship. I wanted my CPA should be to be advising me on such things as monitoring my investments to take gains and harvest my losses as appropriate, monitoring when I was bumping up against phase-out limits on deductions and keeping current on upcoming tax legislation. I read in NOLO that the number one wealth builder for a business owner like me who is a lawyer is tax savings! I am ashamed to say, I did not focus on getting the best CPA tax preparation Phoenix AZ at the time! I spoke to a friend who was using a great CPA and he convinced me to make the change!”. When I save $5,000 per year, I use that money for investments and am on my way to financial independence!”

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