How to turbo charge your success by playing a game. “My Perfect Brain” by Jeff Brooks (@) 2012

My Perfect Brain © 2012  Jeffrey Brooks

 Jeff Brooks  CPA, CFP, MBA for JBrooks Wealth Advisors, PC

Praise and Building Self-Esteem leads to more business and personal success!


One Minute for me by Spencer Johnson of the One Minute Manager fame says that: Caring for others begins with caring for ourselves. In just one minute, Dr. Johnson starts readers on the way to a sense of peace and balance, improved business and personal relationships, increased energy and joy, less stress at work and more success in your work and in your life!!


In “My Perfect Brain” system © 2012 Jeffrey Brooks,  I include a section on the back of the golden rod form that I use for new Ideas (I), Lessons Learned (LL) and Congratulations or praise (C) or (P).  When I run out of room, I use the section for “AT Additional Space” to add additional (C) Congratulations or (P) Praise or (W) Wins (L) Losses.


Bottom Line: the human brain likes games that it can WIN  (the child in us), praise and accomplishment.  Have you ever added a completed item to your “To Do List” and then checked it off? All of has done this because it makes us feel like a “Winner”.

One problem during tax season is stopping, starting, being interrupted, starting again, having new priorities. The problem is that the human brain can only think one thought at a time. However, the human brain is “bombarded” with many, many choices.  The human brain is a “free spirit” and will jump around because it believes that every new event is “urgent”.  However, switching from one task to another task is very inefficient and is frustrating because of having a lot of things started but nothing completed.  The Beethoven 5th Symphony is very satisfying to the human brain because there is a speedy start and completion.

 One game I play daily is giving myself a reward(s) if I can complete (I call this completing the loop) more tasks instead of moving from one choice to another and not completing my choice. (Priority)


I tally my W=Wins and L=Losses (jumping from one choice to another).  One way I found to “Win” is to make sure that I break down a project in 30 minute “bites” instead of saying “check 16 tax returns completely”. 


These “Wins” build my self-esteem, my positive feelings and success.


If I “Win” more times “closing the loops” or completing the task to “final”, I give myself a WIN for the day and I get my reward(s).


I establish  my reward at the beginning of the day.  And look at this reward on my gold rod sheet during the day for energy.


For instance, I enjoy listening to audio books about self-development.  Tonight, IF I WIN the game, I will reward myself by buying one of these audio books.


What if I LOSE today? I have built my self-discipline “muscle” so I will NOT reward myself.  Keeping my promise to reward myself ONLY when I WIN is hard but it MUST be done or my brain knows that 1. I do not keep promises 2. My self-esteem will fall.  If you fail once, write down in Lessons Learned (LL) on the gold rod sheet (back side) that you will change how you will WIN and keep your promise next time!  Remember the song “That’s Life” sung by Frank Sinatra:”pick yourself up and get back in the race, because that’s life”


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