Year End Tax Savings Tip for Your Cash Basis Business

  • No what your taxable income is as of a specific date.
  • Prepare your personal tax plan or have us help you prepare your customized tax plan.
  • Compute how much that cash disbursements (from 100% deductible expenses) must exceed cash receipts (from income).
  • Come up with an amount that expenses must exceed income to get into a lower tax bracket and/or a refund.
  • Make sure you are protected against tax penalties by increasing you federal/state withholding or estimated taxes.
  • Make sure you are not in Alternative Minimum Tax penalty area.
  • Invoice late so your patients/clients don’t pay until next year.
  • Prepay expenses such as rent, (unless you own the building), office supplies.
  • Buy that equipment but only if you need it!  You do not need to pay for the equipment as long sign a contract payable and the equipment is in your office before year end.
  • Buy certain types of vehicles that can be written off in the current tax year.
  • You may be able to pay your children for business chores.
  •  Reimburse your Section 105 Medical Expenses now.
  • Make sure your retirement plan has been established before year end. If you fail to do this, we have a way that you can take advantage of retirement plan by funding it before the due date of your tax returns.
  •  Your credit card can be used to get deductions this year and pay the card next year!
  •  Each of our clients have different situations, so the best way is to consult tax saving CPA to save taxes is  just call us.
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